Item balloons on planner

We're using the TPlanner component and trying to get the item balloons to work in Delphi XE4 (Update1). Previously we had this working in Delphi 2007.

The planner has Balloon.Enable set to True and 'RunTime Themes' in Project->Options is set to 'enable runtime themes', but the balloon won't appear when the mouse moves over an item and the OnItemBalloon event doesn't fire. Any ideas?

TPlanner version (


Are you sure your Planner is not reparented? If so (for example use of Planner on frame or other parent control that changes), make sure to set Planner.Balloon.Enable = TRUE only AFTER the parent for the Planner control was set.

I don't think this is affecting it, I reset the value at a later point to be sure. Also I checked the value in the PlannerMouseMove event and Balloon.Enable is set to true at that point. 

We can't see a problem here in our demos nor in a test with a form hosting a Planner with Planner.Balloon.Enable = true.
So, if a problem persists, please compare what's different between our demos or a form with a TPlanner and if you cannot find a reason, provide some sample source app with which we can reproduce this issue here.