Balloon tips in planner

What do I need to do to get balloon tips to show?

I have the Balloon.Enabled set to True.
The delay settings don't seem to have any effect.
I can see the Balloon code being called, including the send of the  TTM_POP messages.
However, the On...Balloon events don't get triggered. In fact, the TPlannerGrid.WMNotify that calls them doesn't get entered.

The Planner Developers Guide doesn't say much about Balloons except that they are supported, what  Balloon settings you can modify and that you can customize the balloons using the On...Balloon events.

I am sure I am missing something, but I can't figure out what. 

Using Component Pack version and Delphi 5 fully updated.

Thanks in advance, Marjan

Did you set Planner.Balloon.Enable = true ?

If you create the control programmatically or reparent the Planner control, please set Planner.Balloon.Enable only AFTER the parent for the Planner is assigned.

As mentioned in my original post: Planner.Balloon.Enable is set to True. This is set at design time.

Planner is put on form at design time and is not re-parented. Only the form it sits on is parented at run time to the application's main form. I can see BalloonInit being called from the TCustomPlanner.Loaded procedure, which is only done when Planner.Balloon.Enable is set to True.

Are Balloon hints something that can be turned off at the OS level? I am running Vista fully updated. I can't find any settings about balloon hints, but I can well imagine having turned them off if/when presented with that choice as I personally don't like them.

Balloons do work on Windows Vista. I cannot see a problem here dropping a default Planner on the form with Balloon.Enable = true. Did you set at least a caption and/or notes text in the item ? Do you implement the OnItemBalloon event ? 
If the problem persists, the most efficient way will be to send us some sample source project with which we can reproduce this here by direct email.

In a clean project with just a planner on the form and a single test item added, the balloon appeared without trouble. Curious to find out what is preventing the balloons showing up in the full app. "Spot the differences" hunt starting... If I come up with anything remotely interesting to others, I'll post back.

Same problem here, it seems it has something to do with "Enable runtime themes" in Delphi project options (Application tab).

It's checked by default in new projects (in Delphi 2010), and the balloons work.
If I uncheck it on my D7 migrated application (in D2010), the balloons no longer work on planners (and I don't want to check it).

Compiling with Delphi 7 works.

Interesting. Especially as I am working with D5 (yeah I know) and dropping a new planner on a new form in a new project does work. Hmm. I had stopped the hunt as balloons aren't the solution to what I wanted to do, but information may help in finding the reason why they are not displaying in an existing app.

As far as we know, the app needs to link with COMCTRL v6 (ie. themes enabled) in order to be able to use balloons