Balloon.AutoHideDelay problem


I have a bit problem with Balloon.AutoHideDelay - this option seems to be without any effect.
It doesn't matter, if it set to -1 (default) or to 50000 - balloon disappears always after about 5 sec.

Which another options could be responsible for such strange behavior?

thanks in advance!

I have retested this here with a default Planner on the form but cannot reproduce this.

I set Planner.Balloon.AutoHideDelay = 10000 and it takes 10 seconds before the balloon disappears (when leaving the mouse stable on the Planner item that invokes the balloon)
What's different in your situation?

IMO, nothing different - but the balloon disappears after 5 seconds independent on the setting.

Even that was the reason of my question.
probably, any other settings should be (re)assigned to make this settings active?

So I have equal behavior in all TPlanner-components - independent on this setting balloon disappears after approx 5 second - with the AutoHideDelay = -1, AutoHideDelay = 10000, AutoHideDelay = 20000 etc...

The mouse still stable (untouched)

actually I need the Balloon still displayed until mouse still stable inside the item :(

Can you please test this with a default Planner on a new form and if this work, provide exact & detailed information about what's different in your app?

Hello Bruno,

with only new Planner works like a charm.
unfortunately in the my app still not working.
The another  settings are (TDBPlanner):

    DefaultItem.CaptionType := Planner.ctText;

    Mode.PlannerType := plDay;

    Header.AllowResize := true;
    Header.AutoSize := true;

    ShowSelection := false;
    ShowHint := false;
    Balloon.Enable := true;
    Balloon.AutoHideDelay := 20000;

and i have several planner on the form (actually 2 TDBPlanner and one TPlanner - all with the similar settings)

Is any reparenting happening with the Planner?
If so, please try to set this value AFTER the final parent of the control is set.

no, there is no reparenting, planners will be created on the design time and still unchanged (except of resize /height recalculation)

Can you provide some sample source app with which we can reproduce the problem here? Please send this by email to support so we can investigate this here.

I'm unsure to be able to remove database layer clean enough ;)

I could send the app without data - if it helps in any way

As long as we can reproduce it.

I just found a workaround - the balloon must be re-enabled after the AutoHideDelay value changes.