Balloon tooltips


I have a problem with the balloon tooltips which are supposed to be displayed for the TPlannerItems. I set Balloon->Enable to true as well as HTMLHint (because the items contain HTML Tags). At design time, the balloon is visible when hovering over an item, at runtime it is not. Has anybody an idea what the reason for this could be?

Do you reparent the Planner? Is so, enable the balloon hints only AFTER the parent was assigned.
Make also sure that app theming is enabled in your application.

Hmm...the planner lies on a form which is embedded into another form at runtime, setting its Parent. And you think this could be the problem? I tried to enable the ballon hints in the FormShow Event of the form that contains the planner, to no avail. And...erm...I'm afraid that I don't know what you mean by app theming :)

Now I see what I was doing wrong. You were absolutely right. Reparenting the form caused the problem. Leaving the tooltips disabled at designtime and enabling them at runtime after setting the Parent solved the issue. Thanks for your quick reply!