Touchscreen Zooming issue

We just trying the map on a touchscreen system and we found the following:

  1. Moving the finger up and down don't have any effect.
  2. When trying to zoom into an area on the map, instead of zooming the screen into that area it makes the screen font larger please see the attached image.
    When I try the same tasks on google map it works perfectly.


Thank you for notifying us.
We are currently investigating this issue and will report back as soon as possible.

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Assuming you used a browser different than Internet Explorer (i.e: Chrome or Edge) to test Google Maps on your touch screen system and TMS VCL WebGMaps is based on the IE engine. Can you please try using Internet Explorer instead?

Alternatively you can also try using TMS FNC Maps on your touch screen system. This product is based on the Edge Chromium engine while TMS VCL WebGMaps is based on the IE engine.
TMS FNC Maps is compatible with VCL windows applications as well and there is a fully functional trial version available:

Hi Bart,

Thank you for your reply, can the FNC Maps coexists with the VCL webGMap on the same Delphi environment?

I have tried it with FNC maps, it works perfect, the problem is my application is written as Delphi VCL, the map is just one part of my system.

TMS FNC Maps can be used in VCL Delphi apps and can coexist with TWebGMaps.

Hi Bruno,

I have tried the FNC maps on Delphi VCL application and it does work, assuming we want to go with the FNC maps, can I upgrade my VCL WebGMaps version and pay the difference as I just bought it last week.


Nasser Benashur

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Please contact sales for questions like this.