TMS FNC Maps Android swipe down issue

Hi, i have a tms web application on apache server with fnc openlayer map with Tileserver.
Everything works fine with a PC browser but with android phone i cannot move or with difficulties the map , for example if i want to move from top to bottom it reload the page ..

Can anyone help ?

Can you try upgrading/updating your Chrome browser on your Android device to the latest version?

Hi, thanks for your answer , both browsers Chrome and samsung internet have same behavior , i have several android devices , phone and tablette ( all samsung) , all have the same problem .
Even if i run your demo application ( Map Elementcontainers ) i have the same problem

Is the top to bottom reload functionality the only issue you experience? Does the map load?

The map is well loaded 2 examples videos


This is default behavior of the embedded webview, we'll investigate if we can change this behavior.

Hi, which Android version are you using? Do you have a newer test device? We couldn't reproduce this here.

I have several versions of android , from 8.0 to 12 same behavior
can i send you the test website address by mail ?


Yes, please send the link to

It's done.
Here is national day for france so i might take a while to answer but i will keep in touch.

We have received the mail and will look into the issue.

Do you have any news ?


The issue is solved, next version of TMS FNC Maps will address this.

Thanks , do you have schedule for this release ?

This week

I have download latest version yesterday and i works great , thank you