Toolbar button background and themes

Delphi 11.2

Have an AdvToolbar with several buttons (AdvGlowButtons) and if I set the project runtime themes to true and select from any of the themes available the graphics display properly:

I also use EASendEmail in this project and need to attach their custom manifest to the project. In the project if I select custom manifest and insert path to the manifest file then unless I select the Windows theme the toolbar displays as follows:

All other parts of the program display properly as per selected theme. Unfortunately, the Windows theme doesn't look very nice at all so would like to be able to use other themes without messing up the button backgrounds.

Any ideas on how to fix this problem?



We will need to know at least details about the custom manifest.
What are you using this custom manifest for?

Using EASendEmail to send emails via smtp from program.....apart from my problem it does quite a good job.

Above is link to instructions re manifest file ie. using custom manifest and also shows what is in the manifest.



Found answer to problem. In the installation directories for EASendEmail I found an additional manifest file that included EASendMailObj com class interface with Microsoft.Windows.Common-Controls 6.0. Once I changed to that manifest all worked as it should for the graphics on the AdvGlowButtons.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Thanks for informing.