TAdvGlowButton, disabled Image missing in WIN64

I have an application which does not show disabled Icons in an TAdvGlowButton when compiling for WIN64.

If I start the application from the IDE sometimes an access violation (c0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION) occurs at runtime when displaying a disabled TAdvGlowButton when compiling for WIN64. After pressing 'Continue' the icon from the TAdvGlowButton is missing and is not displayed grayed out.

Call stack seems to be:

At design time the icons are displayed grayed out correctly .

'Enable runtime themes' ist checked in the Project Options for WIN64.

A VCL TSpeedbutton does not show this behaviour.

Icons (16x16) are stored in an TImageList. TAdvGlowButtons (25x25, no caption) are placed on a TAdvPanel with an attached TAdvPanelStyler, Style is Office2007Obsidian.

The project was converted from D5 using the TMS Component Pack to D11 and VCL UI Pack.

In WIN32 everything works as expected.

Versions used:
Delphi 11.2
VCL UI Pack:

Any hints what could causing the Icons not displayed correctly in disabled TAdvGlowButtons when vompiling for WIN64?

Thanks in advance

Cannot be reproduced.
Project1.zip (94.6 KB)

Using your project I cannot reproduce it either.

Using my project it looks like this, when 2nd and 3rd TAdvGlowButton are disabled:


Disabling the 1st and the 4th, enabling the 2nd and 3rd it looks like this:

This happens only in WIN64, WIN32 is perfekt.
At design time (captions not translated) the disabled buttons look like this:

Any hints where I should look for the reason?

I also tried different icons but this changed nothing. As already stated using WIN32 works perfectly.

Please send a test source project with which we can reproduce this so we can investigate

I sent a minimum test project via mail.

We haven't received it.
Make sure it didn't contain an EXE file as this could have blocked the email delivery.

I've sent the project without the .exe again via mail.

Still nothing received. I suggest to attach it here.

I've attached the project her.
GlowTestThemisMinimum-without exe.zip (16.3 KB)

We traced & solved this issue. Next TMS VCL UI Pack update will address this.