TAdvGlowButton - black background when disabled

Original image for the first button:
The form is inherited from TAdvToolBarForm
The button(s) are linked to TActions, which are linked to TImageList
C++ Builder 11.1, TAdvGlowButton version is, TMS is the latest
Windows 10 1809

Very hard to tell by just looking at a screenshot.
Did you check if the icon looks good when used on another control, for example a standard VCL UI control?

Um, that looks like a bmp. I have no good experience with them. Use png. There is no problem.

Disabled TAdvGlowButton with the same bmp image on standard TForm.

Can you isolate this and send a sample source project so I can see all properties of the TAdvGlowButton & TAdvToolBar and reproduce & investigate this.

Will try, no luck so far.
The orignal project was working C++ Builder 10.3.1 - and everything was looking ok.

Found similar topic, it looks like the issue appears for converted projects:

At very minimum, we would need to know the component property settings.

example.zip (126.9 KB)
Here is example, it looks here like this:

When I open your project here, I get:

Can it be there are other IDE extensions installed that possibly interfere?

My image is not from IDE, but when I compiled and executed it

In IDE here it also looks ok:

I have no any plugins installed.
If you check dependencies of test.exe, you will see that the only non-embarcadero linked file is 'TMSVCLUIPackPkgDXE14.bpl'.

The problem is in your project. You're not linking with runtime themes, hence, you use an old COMCTL32 library.
See project options under Application:

Thank you!