TMSFNCUIPack Academic Demos can't be compiled

After installing TMSFNCUIPack (XE13) Academic, I tried to run some examples. Unfortunately, I have got the following erros (and similar errors) :

[dcc32 Fatal Error] UDemo.pas(8): F2051 Unit FMX.TMSFNCCustomSelector was compiled with a different version of FMX.TMSFNCTypes.TTMSFNCOwnedCollection`1.TEnumerator.MoveNext

Could it be possible that TMS FNC Core, which I have installed for my registred TMS FNC Map in mid/end of October, does not work with the academic version of TMS FNC UI?


Did you install any other product? If so, please note that you can install only one product at a time. Combinations of trial + registered or academic + registered are not possible.

Hi Pieter,

thanks for the clarification ... the mix of a registered product and the academic FNC UI package is the problem.