Unable to compile FNC Cloud Pack demo project

Our team is looking into FNC Cloud Pack, and we have installed the current trial version. We get errors when trying to compile the demo projects.

The VCL demo project gives the following error:
[dcc32 Fatal Error] TMSFNCCloudDropBox.pas(28): F2051 Unit VCL.TMSFNCCloudStorage was compiled with a different version of VCL.TMSFNCTypes.TTMSFNCOwnedCollection1.TEnumerator.MoveNext</div><div><br></div><div>The FMX demo project gives the following error:</div><div>[dcc32 Fatal Error] TMSFNCCloudDropBox.pas(33): F2051 Unit FMX.TMSFNCCloudStorage was compiled with a different version of FMX.TMSFNCTypes.TTMSFNCOwnedCollection1.TEnumerator.MoveNext

We are seeing this error on both the computers we are trying. Is FNC Cloud Pack perhaps clashing with other TMS components that we have installed?

Installation details:
Delphi 10.3.3
TMC FNC Cloud Pack trial (I presume ver. v1.0.2.0)
TMS Web Core ver.
TMS FNC UI Pack ver.
All TMS packes are installed in the C:\TmsSoftware folder, with respective sub-folders.

Any suggestions please?

Dear Mr. Pienaar, 

You can unfortunately not install registered and trail version simultaneously. Please uninstall the TMS FNC Cloud Pack trial version or upgrade to the registered version.

Turns out the problem is that the FNC Cloud Pack trial is built with the second latest version of FNC Core. I could work around the problem by removing FNC Core.

We have since purchased a site license for FNC Cloud Pack, and again a similar problem. We then had to revert the second latest version of FNC Core to get FNC Cloud Pack to even install. This is disappointing, because now we cannot use the latest version of FNC UI Pack that works with he latest version of FNC Core.

Could you please re-build FNC Cloud Pack with the latest FNC Core?

Did you install trial in combination with registered?

I can see my comments are not clear, Pieter. Sorry about that.

Here is what we experienced:
  • FNC Cloud Pack trial version works OK when the purchased FNC Core is NOT installed.
  • Purchased version of FNC Cloud Pack does not work when the latest versoin of purchased FNC Core is installed. One has to install the second latest version of FNC Core. Can this be improved please?

Can you please provide additional information about which product version numbers you are trying to install?