Error when loading TMSFNCCore demos

I have installed TMSFNCCore from the new TMS FNC UI Pack v4.0.0.0 from my registered products manually correctly in Delphi 11.1 Alexandria:


When trying to load any demo project in \TMS FNC Core\Demos\VCL, I get this error message:

bds.exe - Entry point not found

The procedure entry point "@Fmx@Tmsfncgraphicstypes@TTMSFNCCustomGraphicsFill@$bctr$qqrx47Fmx@Tmsfncgraphicstypes@TTMSFNCGraphicsFillKindxui" in the DLL "C:\Users\Public\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\22. 0\Bpl\FMXTMSFNCWXPackPkgDXE14.bpl" was not found.


(Translation from German)

Obviously, the demo refers to the PREVIOUS installed version of TMS FNC UI Pack?

Strangely, after clicking the OK button in this error message, I could COMPILE and RUN the demo without any other problems.

As it seems, you also installed TMS FNC WX Pack, when installing an update of TMS FNC Core, all depending FNC products need to be reinstalled.

Update: I installed TMS FNC UI Pack correctly:


Is there a way to get less confusion about which package depends on which other package? Maybe some sort of intrinsic bidirectional relationship Diagram?

TMS FNC WX Pack, not TMS FNC UI Pack. TMS FNC Core is the core package, all the others are dependent, only when updating TMS FNC Core, all the others need to be updated.

Thank you, Pieter, after having installed TMS FNC WX Pack, everything works well now.

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