Testing TTMSFNCGoogleMaps

I have tried TTMSFNCGoogleMaps in the demo project ..\tmssoftware\trial\TMSFNCMaps RSXE13\Demos\FMX\GoogleMapsFeatures.

When I try to build the project I am getting this error:

FMX.TMSFNCMapsCommonTypes was compiled with a different version of FMX.TMSFNCTypes.TTMSFNCOwnedCollection`1.TEnumerator.MoveNext

I have the newest version of FNC Core and FNC WX pack installed.

You have installed 2 trials or & trial + registered? Unfortunately that is not possible. You can only install one trial at at time. Multiple registered products are possible.

I have a registered version of FNC Core and FNC WX pack installed.
Then i would test TTMSFNCGoogleMaps i a trial version

You'll have to comment the paths in the library path pointing to the registered version of TMS FNC Core to be able to compile the trial version. Once done evaluating, you can uncomment the path again.