GRID : lost the right line focus when scrolling and lost updates in grid when using checkboxes

The context :

Lazarus 2.0.12 AND Lazarus 2.2. last release
There's a form which contains :
1 TTMSFNCGridDatabaseAdapter
1 TMemDataset, source for the Grid.

The TMemDataset is filled with Data from a Database.
There is only one field in update, the others are readonly.
The Field is a boolean one, and in the grid it's set to be a checkbox.

The number of records is around 60.

  • 1st thing : when we scroll with the central mouse whell to the end of the grid, the last record is not displayed.
    To view it, we need to clicl inside the grid and use keyboard to the end.

  • 2nd : we check some checkboxes in the grid AFTER the scrolling. We change of line to validate the record change.

and next we scroll up. next srcoll down : the changed record appears not to be updated and the checkbox is no more checked.
We tried it more than hundred times.
We can make a video if you want.
There is NO major code that explains this behaviour.

And for us this is a Major problem.

As mentioned via email: We’ll investigate what the issue is when scrolling down and working with the grid with an active connection. To work with the grid data stored in the grid, please call TMSFNCGridDataBaseAdapter.LoadAllDataAndDisconnect. This method will disconnect the grid from the database and actually keep the scrolling locally, this should improve the behavior of the grid.

Hi Pieter,

I create another issue. Maybe it could be linked to this one.