TMSFMXMemo stress test

Apparently I am good at breaking things. Here is a good stress test for
any text editor. I am in the process of incorporating TMSFMXMemo into my
application, replacing the XE7 FMXMemo component.

In your web browser, go to

View the page as source.

Save page as a text file.

Open that file into the editor and navigate it.

has an aversion to using newline characters. Many lines typically
exceed 1800 characters before inserting a newline. I see why they do it.
Given the volume of traffic on Google, those bunch of extra characters
for line feeds can quickly add up to billions of extra bytes on their
network. Regardless, it is what it is.

Choose one of the long
lines. Hit END to go to the end of the line. Does not always do so.
Using arrow keys, I notice occasionally the cursor advances to the next
line although it appears that the cursor is not on the last character.

not seem that I can attach a file to this post, otherwise I would
attach the text file. But it is easy to grab as mentioned above.