TTMSFMXMemo Created at runtime problems

Delphi 10.2, Windows 7

FMX.TMSMemo.pas version

Adding a TTMSFMXMemo at design time works fine, however
I'm having a problem with creating a TTMSFMXMemo at runtime.

The control is created, however when I load an HTML file, it is displayed incorrectly with a lot of extra spaces and the cursor is displayed in a location other than where the characters are inserted when typing.

The line endings are CRLF, and happens with both ASCII and Unicode.

For example when the cursor is after DOCTYPE, and I type a character, it is inserted after DOCT. Also, the font does not seem to get set, which is probably part of the problem. (Also the gutter font doesn't seem to be correct).

This happens both in my app project, and a new minimal project I created to see if there were any style issues.

function TForm2.EditorOpenLocalFile(AFileName: String): Boolean;
  EditTab  : TTabItem;
  EditMemo : TTMSFMXMemo;
  // Create Edit Tab
  EditTab            := tbcEditor.Add();
  EditTab.Text       := ExtractFileName(AFileName);
  // Create Edit memo
  EditMemo              := TTMSFMXMemo.Create(EditTab);
  EditMemo.Parent       := EditTab;
  EditMemo.Align        := TAlignLayout.Client;
  EditMemo.SyntaxStyles := StylerHTML;
  EditMemo.UseStyler    := true;

Can you contact us by direct email at with a sample application?

Have you already tried forcing the font to a truetype font, such as Tahoma?
Ah, thanks! I set the font after loading and it corrects itself. Seems to work fine now.

EditMemo.Font.Family := 'Courier New';