TMSFMXRicheditor Very Slow

I'm not doing anything fancy but find the editor to be very slow when typing text. In fact if there are large amounts of text it seems to take forever to scroll to the bottom. Any ideas on what could be causing this problem? I also often get an access violation after closing the form with the Richeditor control - not sure if this is a related issue.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated

Are you using the latest versiona and on what operating system are you using this TTMSFMXRichEditor?

I believe I am using the latest version TMS for FireMonkey - I'm using XE8 with Windows 10. Also, I notice the same behavior using the URichEditor Demo and loading the sample File Test. Slow to load which I can live with but moving around in the document is slow as is typing anywhere in the document.

  1. I retested this here and it takes on average 1.5sec here to load the document
    2) This is a 50 page document, so, initial handling might be a bit slow (mainly due to FireMonkeys relatively poor text drawing performance) but as you scroll through the document, a cache builds up that should gradually increase performance.