TTMSFMXMemo very slowly when very long lines inside. how can I wrap lines?

Hi. I want open a dump of a database (size <> 2MB) but the lines are very long (parts has 132.000 chars because blob). and when I scroll to "long lines" the memo is very slow (at positions with "normal line-length its ok)
now Ive searched for to break the lines - but ive nothing found like "WordWrap".

How can I do?


We have handled this via the TTMSFNCMemo (TMS FNC UI Pack Delphi UI components: Grid, Planner, Treeview, Ribbon, Rich Text Editor, KanBan, Page Control), which is capble of loading large files. The TTMSFMXMemo is using a different technique and uses the slow FMX rendering.

so I can do nothing? :frowning:

what is with the point "WordWrap"??

and: P.S.: "2MB" is not really big ;-)