TMS WebCore 2.6 / new Web-Designer is not visible

I use Delphi 11.3 Patch 1 and Delphi 12.1 Patch 1 on Windows 11.
The about dialog in the IDE says TMS Web Core
During install and startup of Delphi there is nothing unusual. I use two computers - it's the same behaviour on both of them,
Is there anything else needed than uninstall / install to use the new web-designer ?
Is there a file or folder I can check if it was installed properly ?

I have the same issue. Downloaded the beta
No old version was present because I never used WebCore on this computer with Delphi 12.1 Patch 1
No option Web Designer visible in TMS WEB / Options

We are investigating and will report asap

We discovered an issue and rebuild the beta, so I suggest to redownload.

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Web-Designer True/False is now visible in the Options.

Wenn set to true this happens shortly after creating a new project.

The path "WebDesigner" does really not exist in C:\dev\TMS WEB Core RSXE14.

It's the same in D11 and D12

Seems I get the same or similar error like Thomas.
Initially it displays sth. like "Edge chromium successfully initialized" but doesn't show the form.
In my case this happened after closing delphi:

Delphi 12.1 prof. Patch 1, Win10

Thanks for reporting.

We created a new build that is ready for download that should address this.

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Hello Bruno,

thanks - everything is fine now. Could install on D11 and D12 on both computers and new WebDesigner is showing up well in the IDE.

Congrats to this valuable product milestone !


With webdesigner set to TRUE opening a project that uses TTMSFNCOpenLayers delivers the following message:
I downloaded to the beta just a few minutes ago.

This is expected.
You need to install the FNC controls separately for the Web Form Designer.
These packages are in the FNC install folder
Please open & install from the Delphi IDE.

will tmssmartsetup be able to do this in a later version?

Still in the phase of researching this

Hello Bruno,
I can open these TMSFNC*WEB.dproj in the IDE and compile. How / where can I install them.
There is no "install" item in the submenu...

Thanks/Regards, Tom

It will generate TMSFNCCoreWEB.bpl, TMSFNCUIPackWeb.bpl, ... in
and add this .BPL to your IDE Packages

Thanks Bruno for your support. Within a few minutes the FNC Components were available in the new WebDesigner - great !!!

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Interesting, what did you do between compiling and the components showing up in the palette?

I have loaded and built FNC Core and FNC UI Pack, none of the components shows up in the component palette for me. (Restarted Delphi, closed, reloaded Project, nothing helps).

I opened the *.dproj files from the installation-directories and compiled them in the IDE. (at this point the components are not yet available in the WebDesigner).
Then in the IDE I used the Menu "Komponenten" - "Packages installieren" and with the button "Hinzufügen/Add" I added them from the directory "C:\Users\Public\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\XY.0\Bpl".
After this step the components were available even without restarting the IDE.

Thanks, that works!

Seems I need more coffee in the morning before posting dumb questions ;-)

Fwiw, in the next FNC component releases, the Install option will be on the package to install right-away from the Project Manager instead of manually installing the package from the package manager.