TMS Web Core VS (new function under designer disappear with ide)

it's so strange under laptop with win10 pro and TMS WC VS when I use designer mode with a any form, I use event part add a function and ddclick on it, goes to the ide ".pas file" but this new function stay half a second and disappears.
With delphi this garbage feature is used when compiling but here I don't have any time to modifiy the function. We need to write function completely manually.

Any issues ?
vs params ?
pascal extension param ?
tms Web core VS bug ?


You have enabled the autosave setting for VSC, which makes TMS VSC to delete empty event handlers. You have two options here:


It's ok but I can switch from pascal code to designer to verify, because tms web core package disappear.
I have uninstall and install again many time tms web core from install vsix or from VS extension download but no extension was found. there's no webcore.twcl on my laptop after install !!!
please help me.

Please, I would need more information, in the sense that when you reported the issue I replied, that can only happen if you got the designer working properly, so need to know what has happened for it to stop working.
Please, check this link to know where the extensions in your machine are installed:

Once there, with VSCode closed completely, delete the tmswebcore extension, and then, install it from the marketplace and try again to get the designer working by creating a new application.