TMS Subscription Manager Grid View

Hello TMS Team

TMS Subscription Manager is already a great tool but..

Could there be an additional column in the TMS Subscription Manager Grid View ?

This could show the "min requirements" and "dependencies" for each TMS Product.

Possibly, 2 separate columns, but could be put into one column.

  1. Min Requirements: Min Delphi Version, Min Linux Version, IOS Version, Android Version
    OS Version etc..

  2. Dependencies: If there is a dependency requirement for another TMS VCL product before install.
    eg. if TMS Xdata requires TMS Sparkle etc.. etc..

This would help make the installation of products a little easier and the TMS Subscription Manager more complete.

Hope that you could consider this.

Thank you


Very useful and valuable suggestion. We'll discuss this here and put this on the list for a future update.

Hi Bruno

Thanks for your comment.

Just a small request.. there is a typo in my request..

Could this be corrected as I am unable to edit this myself.

Afaik, this Discourse based support center has XX minutes of time to review & edit posts. Probably that time has exceeded. I might be able to change something with my privileges if you inform me.