Add tmsAdvGridExcel to the Sub Mgr


So I had a bit of a run yesterday.  Needed to do some advanced Excel work, so booted up the Sub Mgr and decided to update TMS Component Pack and Flexcel.  Trouble was I forgot about the tmsAdvGridExcel which is a free download.  

So what went wrong:
- still fairly new to installing lots of TMS kit 
- having Seattle, Berlin and Tokyo installed, but only maintaining Tokyo 
- Not installed all the feature of Tokyo (no 64 bit and not all the target platforms.

Basically I got in a pickle with installers failing and eventually uninstalling both and then re-installing just the Win32 versions, but still an existing project wouldn't load without a component missing and of course it was the TAdvGridExcelImport.  Which I think may have been one of the earlier warnings that kicked me off down a rabbit hole and when I finally remembered that it was a free download.

So my request is to include it in the sub mgr, so that it is prominent and I remember to upgrade it at the same time and the other installers specifically mention the install package.


That is a good suggestion. It is however something that requires several steps to make it work. It's not something that is done in a couple of minutes. It requires defining a new product and it requires the product definition of bundles having access to it. We'll consider this when doing work on bundle reorganizations and on TMS Subscription Manager.

Coolio :-).  Maybe the URL in the installer of the other 2 installs or Readme as they install.  When you aren't familiar with something, it is trying to work out what is important and what isn't.  Thanks for getting back to me.