Small ( big :-) ) suggestion

Good morning ,
I would like to express my personal opinion on Data Modeller.
It is a good tool for DB prototyping and basic creation of Entity Classes but... :grin: :grin: :grin:..
It would be exceptional if the section dedicated to export for TMS Aurelius allowed to write and memorize Validators, Insert new methods or properties.
This would avoid writing helpers after the creation of the entities or writing a lot of code through scripts (saving a lot of time).
The message I would like to give is that it is a good product that is close to being fantastic.
Best Regards..

How would that work, exactly?

I imagine a solution where in the export to TMS Aurelius window it is possible to define new methods and functions for each class (for example to define an override of the create constructor) or filtering.
For each field of the table it is possible, if necessary, to define the validation methods or the display name or range..
I understand that it is possible to achieve the same result through the script language but it involves a considerable difficulty.
I believe that allowing you to manage the power and functions of Aurelius through the Data Modeller GUI drastically increases its productivity.
During the development of large applications it is often required to integrate new data structures into the database, with consequent revision of the business rules. Managing these variations via GUI would be very beneficial.
If you want I can send you examples and screenshots to explain better.
Mine is not a criticism but a suggestion for a qualitative leap of your product.

The problem with that approach is that the GUI might become very complex. Just static code would not be enough. Probably some users would want to apply some rules, like if field is this, add validation that.

Or add macros, like here I want the field name, etc. Oh, maybe some advanced custom rules might be also useful in the GUI, maybe with some... scripting...

You know where I'm going. It looks like two different complex features (scripting and GUI) for the same thing. I understand scripting can be convoluted sometimes, but it's the only sane way we found to allow everybody to customize the class outputs.

We've been there, done that. If you open Aurelius export dialog and open the general setting tab, you will see a gazillion of options. Those were growing organically as users start asking "can I choose this", "can the output consider that". Same with the mapping tab.

When we realized covering all user cases was going to be near impossible and the export dialog would have literally hundred of options, edits, combos, and would look like an airplane panel, we implemented scripting capabilities. And we do not regret at all. All users asking for customizations were able to get what they want.

So, feel free to file a feature request, if you have screenshots and examples, even the better. We will consider, but we will be very careful to not follow that path again.

It might be a good idea to have a memo field where you can enter one or more meta information, to be used with the script to generate custom code
Best Regards

Do you mind adding a feature request for it?