TMS Subscription Manager

I really like the Subscription Manager. I am here to ask for a small improvement. 
Every time a subscription will be renewed, the user get a new Registration Code. The old one is no more valid.
I can enter the new value and it will be stored, in the registry or somewhere on the disc. To get rid of the old codes I have to delete all of them and re-input the valid ones. In the settings would be enough  to present the list of the stored Registration Codes and give me the opportunity to delete some of them (and not all of them at a time).

Many thanks in advance,
Did you go under Settings and from there clicked on the trash can "Remove preset credentials"?

Yes, I did. And then all the credentials are away. I suggested a listbox with the stored credentials and the possibility to delete just one of them. Otherwise I am very happy with the subscription manager. It should also be available for all the TMS products, I mean for all the products that are registered under a certain account. I know that is a feature for the ALL ACCESS customers.  And I would really like to be one of them, as I like your products very much. But I cannot afford the price all at once in a year, so I have many TMS products, that I renew onece in a while, when I have money to spend. 

Not every customer of yours is a professional that earn money with programming. I do not get any money back from my programs, and I do not have so much time to invest in writing all the code by myself. The result is professional looking programs that fulfill my expectations and look great in relation to the amount of time I invested in creating them (with the help of the TMS components).
So, many thanks in advance,
best regards,

Complexity with making this work with every single separate purchase is that ideally all would be accessible with one account but expiries can be at different times, so, we would need to manage the expiry/renewal then per product inside the TMS Subscription Manager, which is quite an overhaul of the current design.