TMS Sparkle Could not start server


I'm a problem executing one existing project with TMS WebCore .

When i try to run the following error appears:

TMS Sparkle Web Server Manager Version 1.0
Starting Server at http://localhost:8000/blackbox
root folder .....

Error: Could not start server

Then if i create new TMS Project and add into a TWebForm only a TWebButton and run the project, it works fine and firefox run ok...

That seems a problem arround this project, but o do not found it...

Can you help me ?


Could it be this port 8000 is already in use?
Was the URL properly registered? Check this with the TMSHttpConfig.exe tool in the subfolder Bin\Win32
I can really not see any relationship between the use of a TWebButton component. Are you sure it concerns the same start URL?

Hi Bruno,

Curiously the was solved alone.

First, no, the port 8000 is not in use and the URL is correct. I verify TMSHttpConfig.exe and this URL is in the list (implicit with * and explicit because i add the full URL in the list to force it).

I use the TWebButton in order to test the problem, but every new project with only one TWebButton or other component runs fine except my existing project.

But today when i try it all runs fine, my project too.

Is clear that the origin of the problem is in my user session of Terminal Server. Perhaps related of permissions...

Well. The problem is solved... :slight_smile:

Thanks !!!

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