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I need help to set up HTTPS certificate using sparkle. I have a test computer running under my domain, and I purchased a certificate bound to my domain, which is an IP Address. I use sparkle to try to add that certificate and I get an error: HTTP Server API Error: A specified logon session does not exist. It may already have been terminated.

I am trying to use the WebMediaCapture, which requires HTTPS, on this test machine. I checked with the certificate company and the certificate is good. Please any suggestions???

This is an issue with your certificate and Windows. There might be several reasons for that. Have you installed your certificate as a user certificate (wrong) or computer certificate (correct)?

I have installed the certificate in windows, the certificate appears, and I have used the certificate successfully on other web-based programs on the same server, using technologies such as UniGui.

Dear Mr. Keene,

That is usually a "mismatch" between the certificate and Windows. There might be several reasons for such error, we have to investigate what's going on.

First thing is to leave TMS Sparkle out of it. Instead of using TMSHttpConfig tool, try to bind the certificate using native Windows netsh command-line tool. This documentation topic explains how to do it:

My guess is that you will get the same error, thus ruling out TMS Sparkle and then we can focus on the certificate itself.

It's good that you have the certificate installed in your local computer, but it's already strange that such certificate appears in "Trusted Root Certification Authorities". That's not usual and I have no idea why such certificate is there. Are you sure it's your certificate appearing there, or a root certificate?

That might be one indication, I'd suggest you remove/uninstall your certificate from all such places, and then install/import it in your Personal\Certificates store. If possible, please provide the steps you used to install the certificate.

It happened before with customers, for example:

Other customers, from e-mail, reported this:

We found out it was because we were missing the private key that belonged to the certificate.

More references that helped in previous support requests:

Thank you, Wagner. My certificate was not installed correctly, and now TMSSparkle is able to bind my certificate to the port.

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