Permissions problem

I've reserved the URL http://+:8000/Project1 in http.sys, and now get the error

 'the process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process' 

when I run a freshly created single form test program (One button, one memo, no code).

any idea what might be causing this?

Do you already have a http server running on port 8000 on this machine?

Yes, the server is running fine

Sorry, you mean another server. No, there's not another one. 

It had SQL Server running, but after taking it off, there was no change.

Have you tried rebooting your computer?

Not for a bit! But yes I have.

Is there a tool that enables me to look for serves listening - assuming the respond with anything at all?

What would be a suitable request I could make from such a tool that would maximise the chance of some sort of identifiable response?  

Otherwise I guess it's a reinstall - it's just all those wretched drivers....

OK, it seems that my machine has IRDMIconfigured on port 8000, TCP/TP & UDP protocols.

HTTP-Alt is on 8008. I could use 8010.

if any of this means what I think it does, can I change the port used by the Sparkle Server & Web Core?

OK, done.

Thanks to prodding by the endlessly patient Bruno and less so Wagner, the problem and solution is this:
Running a Webcore app from Delphi resulted in an error.

Solution part 1
The path and endpoint has to be reserved in HTTP.SYS. This is done using one of a number of provided tools: I used TMSHttpConfig.  
Looking at the log on the TMSWebserver (when I tried to run the program), it told me that I had to reserve: http://+:8000.
So using TMSHttpConfig, I did.

Problem 2
now running the program in Delphi gave me a 'the process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process'  error.

Solution Step 1
I used a free port scanner called SolarWinds, and scanned ports 8000-8010 on my local IP (192.168......).
This shows me that 8000 was in use by 'irdmi' - a pre-installed service  'Intel Remote Desktop Management Interface', probably preinstalled by the IT company that put the machine together.  
8001, 8002, 8003 were also in use. 8008 is http-alt. 
Anyway, 8010 was clear.

Step 2
So, using THMHttpConfig, I removed http://+8000 and setup http://+:8010 with rights granted to 'Everyone'.
In Delphi Tools|Options|TMS Web, I changed port in the URL entry from 8000 to 8010. 
Pressed Save.

Program runs.

Hope it helps someone or it means I'm just thick.  

Thanks for the detailed information Kenny!

This is for sure helpful for us to clarify in case other users run into this problem or users searching for a solution in this forum.