TMS Scripter 6 problem in Delphi XE3 starter


As an already registered user for TMS Scripter Sudio pro I just downloaded the newest version of TMS Scripter 6.0.
I have Delphi XE3 starter edition.
I am trying to do the manual install TMS Scripter 6 (there is no previous version of TMS Scripter studio installed in Delphi XE3).
In your manual the section about manual install does not go further then Delphi XE...
I added the following paths to the libray directory in Delphi:
C:\Users\Andre\Documents\tmssoftware\TMS Scripter\Source
C:\Users\Andre\Documents\tmssoftware\TMS Scripter\Source
C:\Users\Andre\Documents\tmssoftware\TMS Scripter\Source\designer
C:\Users\Andre\Documents\tmssoftware\TMS Scripter\Source\imports\delphixe3
Then I try to install the package by choosing 'file\open':
C:\Users\Andre\Documents\tmssoftware\TMS Scripter\Source\packages\xe3\tmsscripterreg_xe3.dpk
I assume this is correct since the file 'ascriptpro2011.dpk' as described in the manual does not work, since this is for Delphi XE (not XE3).
When i try to compile\build\install the file tmsscripterreg_xe3.dpk the following errors are generated by Delphi:
[dcc32 Fatal Error] tmsscriptervcl_xe3.dpk(1): E2225 Never-build package 'tmsscriptervcl_xe3' must be recompiled
[dcc32 Fatal Error] tmsscripterreg_xe3.dpk(37): E2202 Required package 'tmsscriptervcl_xe3' not found
When I try to compile the package 'tmsscriptervcl_xe3' separately I get the following errors:
[dcc32 Fatal Error] tmsscriptervcl_xe3.dpk(36): E2202 Required package 'bdertl' not found
The same error is also given for package adortl.
The above package files are not present in the Embarcadero paths. I also searched my complete harddrive for these files but they are not present.
I can't get TMS Scripter installed.
Any suggestion what I am doing wrong?
André Lubke
Sorry, copy and paste mistake in the above paths.
The paths I added are:
C:\Users\Andre\Documents\tmssoftware\TMS Scripter\Source
C:\Users\Andre\Documents\tmssoftware\TMS Scripter\Source\advmemo
C:\Users\Andre\Documents\tmssoftware\TMS Scripter\Source\designer
C:\Users\Andre\Documents\tmssoftware\TMS Scripter\Source\imports\delphixe3


you have to compile packages in this order:

yes, bdertl and adortl are not available in starter edition, you would have to remove them from the pakage and maybe remove any files in package that references bde and/or ado frameworks.

Hello Walter,

I still can't get it to work.
First I compile/build package tmsscripter_xe3 (Build configuration release AND Build configuration debug).
This works OK without errors.
Then I compile/build package tmsscriptervcl_xe3 and it still gives the error:
[dcc32 Fatal Error] tmsscripter_xe3.dpk(1): E2225 Never-build package 'tmsscripter_xe3' must be recompiled
[dcc32 Fatal Error] tmsscriptervcl_xe3.dpk(37): E2202 Required package 'tmsscripter_xe3' not found
I checked and package tmsscripter_xe3 is correctly build in the paths given in the release and debug build configurations.
So I am still stuck.
Any ideas?
By the way.. Is it possible for TMSsoftware to deliver an install for TMS scripter which also installs correctly in Delphi XE3 starter without having to make all kinds of changes like removing ADO required files etc ????
Thanks in Advance.
André Lubke

The problem with installing TMS scripter in Delphi XE3 starter still exists. Any answer?

For a starter edition, the automatic installer can't be used as Embarcadero disables the command line compiler in this starter edition unfortunately.

Hi Bruno,

I know that the automatic install does not work in Delphi XE3 starter. That's why I am trying to do it manually, but that does not work  (see my earlier messages). Also I noticed that there is a reference to some 'required' packages/files (ADO) which do not exist in Delphi starter XE3.
My opinion is that TMS scripter should manually install into Delphi XE3 starter without me having to change the installation package or the source code.
So what I ment to ask: Can you also deliver a version of TMS Scripter which installs (manually) in Delphi XE3 starter edition without errors?
André Lubke

Hi Andre,

as said above, you must remove any references to bde and ado in scripter. Scripter source code makes reference to libraries that are not available in Starter Edition, so those libraries must be manually removed from the package (ado and bde packages)