Scripter install errors

Delphi 7 and XE2 do not install correctly.

Delphi 7:  Error: Could not compile package ascriptpro7.dpk in Delphi 7.

Manual attempt to compile fails with same error.  9 errors are listed in the compile detail for IDEMain.pas, line 519 - 527 showing 9 separate methods "not found".

XE2 errors:

Can't load package tmsscripterreg_xe2.bpl.  The specified module can not be found.
bds.exe - Unable to Locate Component.  tmsscripter_xe2.bpl was not found.
Can't load package tmsscripterreg_xe2.bpl.  The specified module can not be found.

Reinstalling does nothing.

you probably have duplicated of AdvMemo.pas in your hard disk and in search path of your Delphi environment and some of those files are outdated. Can you please confirm? Do you have tms pack installed? If yes, is it the latest version?

Yes, I have the Component Pack as well, the latest version.  There is no mention of a conflict in the manual compilation instructions, either.

maybe you have duplicated/different tmsdxe2.dcp files?

For quick clarification, how should the install be done when the user also has the Component Pack?

It should be automatic. TMS Scripter installer check if TMS Component Pack is installed (by checking registry entries) and then adapt package source code on the fly to proper compile with TMS Pack. 

I just installed the new component pack release (11/10/2012), and then the new scripter release (10/10/2012).

Same errors.

I am not using the default paths, due to problems I have had with the size being too long.

Scripter installs to \Develop\TMS Scripter
Component installs to \Develop\TMS Component Pack

I get the same errors as before.

Readme file for manual installation still shows no valid method of getting this installed.

FYI I have solved the problem with install on XE2.

Even though I specified "\Develop\TMS Scripter" as the install path during setup, the path to tmsscripterreg_xe2.bpl in the components list shows to be "\Develop\TMS Scripter Pro"

I did not have the PRO version prior to this, only the standard version.

The setup has this glitch, not my keyboard.

I would appreciate finding out how to get this installed in Delphi 7, too.

I have done EVERYTHING detailed in the PDF and other sources.  Nothing works.  I have opened the package, and there are NO references to AdvMemo, AdvCode or uMemoEdit as detailed.

To get Scripter installed, I had to do the following:

1) Delete AdvMemo.RES file from the TMS Component directory.
2) Compile TMSD7.DPK to recreate the Component install.
3) Compile the AScriptPro7.DPK and then select install.

The Component setup did not indicate any errors.  Deleting the compiled resource may have not been necessary, but it was a step I did before recompiling the Component package to be sure the AdvMemo stuff was not from a prior version.  The one in the directory was from April, not from October.