Trial installing error

I just downloaded TMS scripter  (Last) and tried to install it on my Delphi XE2 Got the error message:

"Cannot load package 'tmsscriptervcl_xe2'. It contains unit 'AdvMDD', which is also contained in package 'TMSDXE2'.

Detail =>
TAdvMemo can't be registered package tmsscripterreg_xe2.bpl because it has already been registered by package tmsdxe2.bpl."

I have TMS Component Pack installed. 

Any advice?

i deleted tmsscriptervcl_xe2.dcp from requires but this time i got new error message:

"[DCC Fatal Error] tmsscripterreg_xe2.dpk(40): F2051 Unit IDEMain was compiled with a different version of AdvMemo.TAdvMemo"

how can i try TMS Scripter?

TMS Scripter trial is not compatible with TMS Component Pack because they share units with same name. You must install scripter trial in a Delphi without TMS Component Pack. The registered version doesn't have that problem because it comes with full source code.

Thanks for the quick reply.