TMS Office 2016 ribbon application File menu

When I create a new project with the TMS forms wizard 'TMS Office 2016 ribbon application' I get an application that mimics Office 2016. Except for the File menu. That looks like an older version (I think it's Office 2010).
Are there any plans to provide a File menu like in Office 2016?
If not, any hints how I can quickly create that myself?


Have you check 'Style' property of TAdvFormStyler component ?

I have created a new FormRibbon using Office2016 style and the AdvShapeButton seems allright.

It's not the button. It's the menu behind the button, that's provided by
means of a frame, that has an Office 2010 Lay-out. And it's not easy to
change that either. I have to rebuild the whole thing by hand using the
Appstyle color to get a little bit closer to what Office 2016 looks like.

I would very much appreciate some feedback on this question.
Can I expect some Filemenu page that mimics Office2016 from TMS, or do I have to build one myself from scratch?

If you start from our Office2010 demo and add the Office 2016 option as 5th item in the combobox and then extend the code with:

case combobox1.ItemIndex of
      AdvFormStyler1.AppColor := clGreen;
      AdvFormStyler1.Style := tsOffice2016White;

and add the code:


this should set the menu frame to Office 2016 colors