TAdvShapeButton / Office Ribbon Application

I created a TMS Office 2016 Ribbon Application and then customized it so that it operated as an SDI application. The figure below shows two overlapped SDI windows with the app menu visible on the top window (Document2).

The next figure shows what happens if I click the back window (Document1). The back window tries to come to the front but the app menu of what now should be the back window (Document2) stays on top.

I found I could solve this issue by commenting out line 3043 in your file AdvShapeButton.pas:
//   FMenuFrame.FormStyle := fsStayOnTop;

Perhaps you would consider incorporating this as a possible fix in the next release?

I do not think this can be in all circumstances applied, so we'll first need to carefully investigate how this can be best applied.

It is also not clear what exact changes you did to the demo. Do you mean you created an MDI app from it somehow?
Not, not MDI but SDI (as I stated). I followed the methodology described here http://stackoverflow.com/questions/37887192/sdi-application-with-multiple-instances-shown-on-taskbar

We added an improvement to detect this specific case of SDI use and handle the frame menu accordingly then.

Great! Thank you very much. Your site is the best at responding to feedback.