Office 2010 Style PopUpMenu

I've been trying to use the 2010 Office Style Ribbon with DropDownMenu buttons. Unfortunately, there is no equivalent Office 2010 PopUpMenu when you use it in a drop down menu button like you see in Outlook 2010. Click on the Outlook 2010 New Items drop down menu button and you see what I mean. 

I tried using a Smooth control but it is not the same at all and wastes a lot of my time. Can you please create something like a TAdvOfficePopUpMenu that looks identically to Office 2010 Ribbon style button drop down menus including being able to apply the styles?

Thank you!

Any answer would be nice, even spending 5 seconds to type no would be nice.


Did you try TAdvPopupMenu with the TAdvOfficeMenuStyler set to bsOffice2010Blue style?

Yes, I'm using TAdvOfficeMenuStyler. The popup menu looks closer to an Office 2010 drop down popup menu but missing just a few things like a dashed ( - - - - -) divider line instead of the default line.

Also, this might not be the right place to ask but, will the TAdvOutlookList be updated to look like an Office 2010 style list? Like the one in Outlook 2010? It just needs some minor improvemtns like the header look and behavior as well as being able to change the color of the group header line and style like using dashes ( - - - - ) instead of the regular line. Also, the frames or borders have a gradient look that makes the borders look very clean. 

These improvements would really help and it would be awesome if you could include them. Thanks you so much for your comments and help.