How to mimic the Office 2016 File menu

In Office 2016 the File menu / ribbon tab leads to a page which is colored on the left side in the same color as the bar above the program on the other pages. Excel is green, OneNote is purple, Word is blue etc.
I want to mimic that behaviour, but that doesn't seem to be possible. The TAdvPolyMenu will not take the color I set into it. It just shows all the buttons in white (I use Office2016 white as a style with a blue bar above the main page). how can I make the program show the blue color of the main page in the vertical bar on the left? The bar itself is blue, but all the buttons stay white, no matter what I do.
More strange things happen. Some of the menu items in the TAdvPolyMenu on TMSFrame1 don't appear in the menu when the program is started. I just gave the first item (Save) another caption (Main) and it does not appear in the menu anymore.
The whole thing seems very buggy, there are a lot of properties everywhere that are not documented and most of them do nothing. Colors everywhere, but no clue how to change them.
Please don't forget to answer first question as well...
Addendum to the previous post:
I created a new project with the Office 2016 VCL wizard. I added 1 item to the Filemenu (Normal Text and Image Item) and I pushed it upwards to position three. After compiling the first post is not shown.
Addendum to the very first post:
I want to color the menu bar green with all the items on the left side, like Office 2016 does. How do I do that?

To change the TAdvPolyMenu background color, change AdvPolyMenu.Fill.Color 

To change the item's background color, double click the item and change the Color under the tab ItemAppearance.

I could not see an issue here with changing the caption text of the "Save" AdvPolyMenu item.

Too bad the forum has no means to upload pictures, otherwise I could have shown you that it does not work. It has the right color in the editor, but not when executed
I have changed about everrything I could find into blue, but it all stays white when excuted. There must be some magic switch somewhere. Something with a styler and a style.

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Good morning
I'm bumping this thread because it's the subject of my question.
I try to implement a TAdvPolyMenu with a full same color at background and items buttons. But when I change the color by using the container item editor tab Item Appearance, the colors return to the original colors. The save seems not effective.
Moreover, when I change the AdvPolyMenu.Fill.Color, the modification is not considered too. For that I force the color programmatically so it's not a problem.

Do you confirm the issue on "container item editor"? It's frustrating.

Thanks you


To set colors that are different from the standard Office style colors provided, set the styler's style to tsCustom.

Thanks you, is work perfectly