TMS Logger w Exceptionless = FMX.TMSCloudCustomExceptionless unit not found

I think an unit name from Cloud Pack was changed since last release of TMS Logger about ExceptionLess
A unit isn't found = "FMX.TMSCloudCustomExceptionless" when compiling Exceptionless with TMSLogger.

unit FMX.TMSLoggingExceptionlessOutputHandler;


  TMSLoggingExceptionlessBaseOutputHandler, TMSLoggingUtils,
. . .

FMX.TMSCloudCustomExceptionless is still present in TMS FMX Cloud Pack. The name has not changed. Can you check if this file is present in the installation source folder?

I check current install of TMS components about "Exceptionless", none place for FMX.TMSCloudCustomExceptionless

  • TMS FNC Cloud Pack\
    • FMX.TMSFNCCloudExceptionless.pas
    • LCLTMSFNCCloudExceptionless.pas
    • VCL.TMSFNCCloudExceptionless.pas
    • WEBLib.TMSFNCCloudExceptionless.pas
  • TMS Logging\source\extra
    • FMX.TMSLoggingExceptionlessOutputHandler.pas
    • TMSLoggingExceptionlessBaseOutputHandler.pas
    • VCL.TMSLoggingExceptionlessOutputHandler.pas

The demo is based on TMS FMX Cloud Pack, not TMS FNC Cloud Pack. We'll see if we can create a Logger for the FNC version as well.

To be sure to understand, do I need to install FMX Cloud Pack to? none impact to cohabit with FNC?

Hi, to work with TMS Logger you need to install TMS FMX Cloud Pack. This should not affect existing FNC installation. We'll look into creating a version for FNC as well.