Clean install until error when trying to install FNC.WX Pack

After installing FNC.WXPack, when trying to start "Delphi IDE" it gave me the message "Cannot load package "TMSFNCWXPackPkgDEDXE11. It contains unit FMX.TMSFNCGeneralIDE, which is allso contained in package "TMSFNCCorePkgDEDXE11." Do you want to attempt to load this package the next time a project is loaded ?"
For FNC pack items I used "TMS Subscription Manager v2.2.0.0"
Allso for FMX.UI Pack.
But first I installed all available packages using "Smart Setup"
Up until the aforementioned "FNC.WX Pack", the installations seemed to go well.
I will uninstall "FNC WX Pack" it and try FNC Maps


Please install all FNC packages through subscription manager. Right now, Only TMS FNC Core is available in TMS Smart Setup, but the other FNC components need more work. Additionally, we will have to automate the build process to make FNC available for Smart Setup.

Hi Pieter
For Smart Setup, I only have the following products available:
"tms.vcl.uipack & & tms.flexcel.vcl". That was my initial installation.*
(I do not have the Smart Setup option for "TMS FNC Core" mentioned in your answer. I understand that you are working on all FNC items so that they can be installed using Smart Setup. That's OK :)
Therefore, I tried to install all FNC items through "Subscription Manager v2.2".
I installed the FNC WX Pack last.
After installing it, an error appeared that I mentioned in my post, in short:
packages TMSFNCWXPackPkgDEDXE1 and also TMSFNCCorePkgDEDXE11
Both include a unit: FMX.TMSFNCGeneralIDE
Even before the FNC items, I installed FMX UIPack (also via Subscription Manager v2.2)
Note: All TMS components were current. Exactly as of 11/5/2023

Thanks for the information. We checked our packages here and the unit FMX.TMSFNCGeneralDE is only within TMS FNC Core packages. Did you potentially install a trial version or an older registered version? If so, please make sure to install in a clean environment (library paths related to FNC and packages removed). If the issue persists, please send us the log file

Yesterday I installed TMS on a clean, freshly installed Delphi Tokyo.
I started with Smart Setup, then used Subscription Manager for other items ( first FMX UIPack, then FNC .. ). Nothing more. The old paths were not in the system. I checked it from the beginning, even continuously. For sure. After each installed item via Subscription Manager. I even manually started and always closed the Delphi IDE. To make sure the installation was successful.
Delphi opened successfully every time, with the exception of the FNC WX Pack
Now I check the Paths again, but I don't see any duplicates.
If it helps you, I will send a summary of all information regarding the installation
My installations via Subscription Manager have been redirected to
And say "TMS FMX UI Pack" for the X