TMS IW packages fails to load


I am reinstalling TMS on IW 14.7.2 and I can't load the resulting package: I get the following error:

"The procedure entry point @$xp$23Iwcontrol@TIWAsyncEvent could not be located in the dynamic link library C:\Users\Public\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\19.0\Bpl\iw14tmsdxe11upd.bpl."

I wanted to reinstall because it seems that after some previous upgrade, my compiled IW application fails miserably when ran as an ISAPI plugin. Since I had to reinstall Delphi (10.2.1) due to the mess when they released 10.2.2, I thought everything was fine but, apparently,  IW application now failed when running as ISAPI (worked fine as standalone) 

I might have had some leftover from the packaged IW version so I just uninstalled IW and TMS, ran the cleanup tool and then reinstalled IW and TMS.

Compiling the packages works just fine but I can't load them into the IDE.

Is there any suggestion about what's wrong ?

( also tried to install version but it fails during compile. I'll sort it out once works)

sorry, it was supposed to me IW 14.2.7, not 14.7.2


Can you please make sure to remove any remaining BPL or DCU files from previous installs before re-installing the TMS IntraWeb Component Pack?

As far as I can tell, there isn't anything left: I checked for DCP, BPL and DCUs.

If you are using a trial version, please note that current trial versions are only compatible with IW 14.0.0 or IW 14.2.1.

As indicated on the product page:

No, I'm using a full, registered version.

The error you reported usually indicates that DCP / BPL files from previous installs are still present on your system.

Can you please make sure to scan your complete hard drive for related files after uninstalling and then do a re-install?

I have made sure there is no leftover, yes.

I can only recommend to please perform the whole procedure again.
- Uninstall the TMS IntraWeb Component Pack

- Scan your full hard drive for remaining files and manually delete any files found
- Re-install the the TMS IntraWeb Component Pack

I'll do that. I need to cleanup everything that has to do with IW anyway. Thanks.