Different TIWBaseControl


On installing the Package iw14tmsdxe5.dproj i get an error saying:

[Fatal Error] IW14TMSxe5.dpk(124): F2051 Unit IWDBResponsivelList was compiled with a different version of IWBaseControl.TIWBaseControl.InitPainthandler

I'm using Delphi XE5 and Intraweb 14.0.0. I found in your FAQ following advice:

"Make sure there is ONLY ONE version of TMS IntraWeb Components in your Delphi or C++Builder library path and that this version matches EXACTLY your IntraWeb version. Ie. TMS IntraWeb Components for IntraWeb version X.Y.Z will ONLY work with IntraWeb X.Y.Z, NO OTHER IntraWeb versions. Make sure there are no old TMS IntraWeb Component version files in your library path as well as no different IntraWeb versions on your system. "

But i checked the path and couldn't find any other TMS IntraWeb Components installation. Can you help me?

Thanks you


This error indeed indicates there are still files from a previous installation present on your system.
Can you please make sure all such files have been removed?
This includes BPL files in the folder: \Users\Public\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\12.0\Bpl


I forgot about the BPL files, but after deleting them too, i still get the same Error.
Are there any other places where i have to look for not properly removed files?
Could there be a Problem with the installation of the intraweb security system?
Thats the only file left in the bpl folder.

  • Any path listed in your Delphi Library Paths
    - The TMS IntraWeb Security System installation shouldn't have any influence on the TMS IntraWeb Component Pack installation.
    - Can you please make sure you only have the default IntraWeb v14.0.0 installed that is included with the Delphi XE5 installation?
  • I deleted the paths in the Delphi library, deleted the entries in "Install packages" and deleted the bpl files
    - When compiling any Intraweb Projekt, the Version shown is always "14.0.0". 

Are you using the correct trial version of the TMS IntraWeb Component Pack?

For Delphi XE5 with IW 14.0.0. the trial version can be downloaded directly from the product page: http://www.tmssoftware.com/site/tmsiwpro.asp

That was the problem.
Sorry, my fault.
I think i need some new glasses.
Thank you very much

Hello Again
I've now tried your Trial Version with the Evaluation Version of Intraweb:
That works great. But after buying the full Version of Intraweb the Components didnt work anymore.
I think its because the Trial of your Components are only for Intraweb 14.0.46. Is the Full Version of your Components also limited to this Version? Is there a way to install your Components to for this Intraweb Version?
When installing the Package i get the Error"
Entry Point not found. "@lwcomplistbox@TIWCustomComboBox@RenderOnChangeIntoTag?qqr20System@UnicodeString" was not found in DLL "C:***\TMSIWPro\iw14tmsdXE5upd.bpl""
Thanks again


Please note that the registered version of the TMS IntraWeb Component Pack is compatible with all versions of IW 14.
The trial versions is indeed only compatible with a single IW 14 version because that is a binary distribution.