TMS intraweb Component Installation problem

I am using Win7 64bits and Delphi 10 Seattle with Intraweb 14.0.63. I was using TMS Intraweb Component Pro 5.8 before and was working fine. I upgraded to new version because I found that some of the components were not working as I expected.
I uninstall all previous version component and tried installing the new version which I downloaded following the link (IW14TMSDXE9 which only has setup.exe) but I get the following message:
"can't load package c:\program files (x86)\tmssoftware\tmsiwpro\iw14tmsdxe9.bpl. %1 is not a valid win32 application. Do yo want to attempt to load this package the next time a project is loaded?"
I checked in Delphi the component was not installed and when I manually tried to add them I get the similar message. Help please.



Assuming you are trying to install a trial version of TMS IntraWeb Component Pack:
Please note that the trial versions are only compatible with the default IntraWeb 14 (v14.0.0) version or with v14.1.12.

The registered version is compatible with all IntraWeb 14 versions and is available from the "My Products" after login on our site.
Also note that for an updated version of IntraWeb 14, you'll have to use the IW14tmsdxe9upd.dproj package to install.
Full instructions can be found in the install.txt.

Bart Holvoet2017-06-15 11:44:36