TMS FNC UI Pack,AddComponent TTMSFNCPlanner Error

in Lazarus 2.2.6,linux

We have investigated this here but are not able to reproduce this. Which Linux version are you using?

my Lazarus version
Lazarus 2.2.2 (rev lazarus_2_2_2) FPC 3.2.2 aarch64-linux-gtk2

I find a LCLTMSFNCUIPackPkg is version 2.4, AddComponent TTMSFNCPlanner also Error,
Is it possible that it is due to the GTK library?

We have tested our components against Lazarus for Windows & Ubuntu. We did not test all Linux distributions. This is not related to GTK library, We'll see if we can test this here as soon as time permits.

When installing the FNC UI Pack, there were two errors, I adjusted it myself to make it compile normally, I hope to solve the problem officially, and push the new version to me。

Thanks for the input, We'll take a look at it here and fix the issues.

I directly opened the TMS FNC UI Pack/Demos/LCL/Planner project, it can be compiled, and there is a more detailed error at runtime, I think the control cannot be added may have something to do with this.

More errors in debugging

Have you found the problem? I urgently need to use this package on Linux, and one of the errors above should be a division by zero issue. Only the "StartTime" error is a design time error and does not affect the compile and run process.
@ Pieter

We fixed the initial issue with TPopupMenu and the missing unit. We can't see a reason for the invalid floating point issue at the moment. We'll need more time to investigate.

Hi we have investigated this here with the latest version on Ubuntu (Lazarus 2.2.0 with FPC 3.2.2). The planner is working as expected.

Unfortunately we are currently unable to test in another Linux distribution.

Are you sure you are using the latest version? The latest version downloaded from our website? (TMS FNC Core = and (TMS FNC UI Pack =