The map is loading slowly

Any map loads very slowly. Operating system windows 7. Delphi 10.3


Please explain "slowly". Are you having a decent internet connection? Do you have decent hardware? Did you test your application by running the executable separately? Did you test in release mode?

Internet connection : 4 mb/s
Hardware : Core i7 4510U, 6GB RAM
Release mode.

what are the hardware and internet connection requirements?

what can you advise?

I tried this on our system but did not notice this behavior.

Do you have the problem with the map with OpenLayers as a service as well?
Or with any of our other FNC Maps demos?

everything works the same as this example. on TMSFNCOpenLayers component has tilelayers properties how to use it? Are there examples of how to bring up a tileserver ?. I think if you download everything from another server, it will work faster and faster.

Is your version of Edge Chromium up to date?

For the tile server just set the TileServer property to the URL.
(for example:{z}/{x}/{y}.png?apikey=xxx)

Microsoft Edge is up to date.
Version 88.0.705.56 (Official build) (64-bit).
I will install windows 10 and take another look.
is there an example of how to bring up a tileserver under Windows?

There is no demo for the TTMSFNCOpenLayers TileServer property as most of the tile servers need registration or a key.
But it should be as easy as setting the tile server url to the property on a TTMSFNCOpenLayers component.

for 10 windows everything works well. you can take note

Thank you for letting us know.