Issue panning google map on Android when adding overlay view


We have built a cross-platform app and are using the FNC google map component, created in runtime and added to a frame, with overlay views to show device coverage. The views contain PNG images, set using the text field and img src, are are using bounds I have followed the procedure for adding an overlay view as described in the documentation and have no issues when building and running the app in windows. However, we are unable to pan the map if we are within the bounds of the view on Android, panning works perfectly outside of the views.

We are aware of possible issues when adding the map to a frame and thus tested this on a new form in a blank project but still experienced the same issue.

I am happy to share the project or any code you may need or want to test.



It would indeed be helpful to share a test project (please leave out the API key), so we can investigate this here.

Here is the main class. (1.9 KB)

Hi Pieter,

Any update on this issue... sorry we are on a strict timeline.

We are able to reproduce this here but haven't yet found a cause, the responsible developer is currently traveling and will take a look at this upon returning to the office.

Hi Pieter, any update here?


The team is currently investigating this.

We have applied a fix for this issue. Next version of TMS FNC Maps will address this.