TMS FNC GRID Memory Leak


I have a memory leak with the Grid. I easily reproduce it with the demo : TMS FNC UI Pack\Demos\LCL\Grid\Database\MemDataSet

Please see in attachment the video (3.3 MB)

The video doesn't show a memory leak but an access violation. If this is related to this thread: Access violation with TMSFNCGridGetCellLayout - #4 by Pieter_Scheldeman please fix the code in your project to avoid the access violation.

Are you sure you watch the right video ? I download it and it's a memory leak.

Hello Pieter,

I've just seen the video.

I reproduce the same behaviour.

The Debugger is ON.

Just launch the demo, change the value in the Combo. Valid. And close the App.
The Debugger shows clearly several memory Leaks.

There is no added code in the demo program.


My bad, I was looking at the wrong thread. We have applied a fix for the memory leak, thanks for reporting!

OK !

is it possible to send it to us fast or need to wait a fix ?

Thank you !


Please check your private messages