Bug in procedure TAdvStringGrid.RemoveAllComments;

I use Delphi 11 Update 3 on Windows 11, and TMS VCL UI Pack 12.2.0
I have found a bug in the TAdvStringGrid component when I add comments in cells of a grid, then hide columns and remove all comments.
I send you a ZIP attchment in which you will have the source files of the Demo, and 2 GIF illustrating the bug and a possible correction

Possible correction of the procedure

procedure TForm1.RemoveAllCommentsFixedClick(Sender: TObject);
  i,j: Integer;
  // It's a copy of the procedure TAdvStringGrid.RemoveAllComments, with a possible correction
  for i := 0 to MyAdvGrid.AllColCount - 1 do     {AllColCount instead of ColCount}
    for j := 0 to MyAdvGrid.AllRowCount - 1 do        {AllRowCount instead of RowCount}

Bug TMS AdvStringGrid Comments.zip (200.8 KB)

Thanks for reporting. We have traced & solved this issue. The next update will address this.

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