TMS FMX UI Pack Grid and Memo question

  1. Can I use the fmx grid same as the vcl grid, in some sort of virtual mode to be able to display 10mio.or more rows with values stored in an array?

    2. Can the memo load huge files or is it limited and slow like the normal TMemo? I can only use it if its able to load large files very fast.

    This are the most important questions for me at the moment, which will help me to decide what to purchase.
  1. You can indeed use the grid in virtual mode. Cell data in virtual mode is set via the OnGetCellData event. 


    procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
       tmsfmxgrid1.RowCount := 4000000;

    procedure TForm1.TMSFMXGrid1GetCellData(Sender: TObject; ACol, ARow: Integer;
      var CellString: string);
      CellString := 'cell '+inttostr(acol)+':'+inttostr(arow);

    practical limit related to scroll precision calculation is about 5M rows.

    2. Not sure what you understand as a large file. I have retested TTMSFMXMemo here with a file of 20MB containing 250000 lines of text and loading in my test was near instant.
About #2, with large files I mean files with 10mio. lines, going to 800MB in size.

Great about the grid! I guess I will have to buy the components still this year :)

We'll need to retest the case with 10m lines.
Do you need this for viewing purposes or viewing & editing purposes? 

Viewing and editing, which makes it tricky.

Anyway, I just purchased the component pack and will just see how it goes.

Hm I get an issue... all works well, except when I add a memo, the gui flickers when resizing the form. Its enough to just add FMX.TMSMemo to the uses caluse, without even dropping the memo on the form to have it flicker wildly. The moment I remove FMX.TMSMemo, the flicker is gone. Did I miss something?

This is because the TTMSFMXMemo forces the use of DirectX on Windows for enhanced font rendering accuracy. To disable this, comment the line:

GlobalUseDXSoftware := True;
at the end of the FMX.TMSMemo.pas file.