TMS FireMonkey Memo Component

I am evaluating the FireMonkey Memo component and comparing it to the standard Delphi Memo. My target is a Nexus7.


I put the TMS Memo on the form, it is about half the width of the form so not aligned to anything. I set the font size to 64 and load a text file. Firstly I would like the text to WordWrap, is this possible? Secondly, without the WordWrap the text is extending beyond the bounds of the component. And finally the spaces between words are huge. I get about 3 spaces where there should only be one.


The Delphi Memo component has a ScrollTo method which allows me to finely scroll the text. Does the TMS Memo have this or an equivalent feature now or in the near future?

OK, so the huge spaces between words is down the fact I had a Styler associated with the Memo component. Removing that fixed the space issue.

So the questions now are:

1: Wordwrap - is this possible?

2: Scrolling the text as per the Delphi Memo (ScrollTo).