FMXGRID too slow

FMXGrid too slow.
Tried to load a file from MemTable with 50000 records and loading takes 1 minute and 30 seconds an eternity.
With TGrid takes only 5 seconds.
Component impossible to use it with more than 1000 records.

  1. do you use BeginUpdate/EndUpdate ?
    2) on what platform do you run this ?
  1. Not
    2) Windows 7

tried so is the same.

kbmMemTable1.LoadFromFile ('c: \temp</span>PR_TEMP.str');

Are you able to reproduce this with TStringGrid?

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Same time TMSFMXGRID takes to load 1 minute and 30 seconds(TStringGrid).
While if I use TGrid takes only 4 seconds.

If you are able to reproduce this with TStringGrid, then the problem lies within LiveBindings and not the TTMSFMXGrid. The TTMSFMXGrid uses the same approach as TStringGrid. We will investigate here if it is possible to use the TGrid approach instead.

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I urgently need to use TMSFMXGRID as I do?
How long will I have to wait?

It is unclear what is needed to accomplish this. We still need some research before we implement this.

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Hi Peter,

how it looks like the slow performance of the tmsfmxgrid ?
I need this grid to export the data to Excel.

I tried a another grid from another Company and there the performance is VERY fast with the same Data !!!!

Andreas Schliack


Can you please explain more in detail what performance issues you are noticing? Are you noticing performance issues when loading data in the grid or when exporting to Excel?

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