TMS CETools Windows 10 / DXE8 issue

We have a problem with Windows 10 and our PDA (Datalogic Memor - Windows mobile 6.1)  :

1- We launch our application developped with DX8
2- PDA (Datalogic) is firmly connected to the USB port
3- Dialog between our application and the PDA is ok
4- We unplug PDA
5- We plug again the PDA on the same USB port and the application say is not connected (CEDeviceinfo component), (Microsoft Windows Mobile say is connected)
6- If we close and restart our application, the PDA is again recognized

This issue is also present with CEToolsDemo.Exe
Under windows 7 everything   is working fine.

Is there a workaround ?

Did you try to call CEDeviceInfo.Close before retrying to connect?

The source code that works fine under Windows 7 but not in Windows 10:

procedure TForm22.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
  Button1.Enabled := False;
    if CEDeviceInfo1.Connected then
      ShowMessage('OK OK OK OK ;)')
        ShowMessage('KO GRRRRRRR !');    
    Button1.Enabled := True;

I cannot see this here. Is this happening on multiple machines?

Can you use the device with Sync Center on the machine where this happens?

Yes it happens on different machines with Windows 10.
And yes i can use this device with Microsoft Mobile device center.
A clue : is there a way to force the dynamically load/unload RAPI Dll ?