Problems on Apollo Lake MB (Multi-IO NCT610X) - Receive not working

Strange effects. Apps running on other Win10 fail.
Putty works. RealTerm only Transmits. App using TMS Async fails completely...
Just asking if there is any known issues while I get a remote debug set up...
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Got Remote Debugging running (have no Delphi on the Touchscreen PC;
It's a Mitac P100-10AS with ApolloLake Chipset(Celeron N3350,Nuvoton NCT6116 Multi I/O which handles the Serial interface(6 UARTs with 128-byte FIFO))
Datasheet of this device seems not public available, only the simpler one (6106)

Various google hits to this chip deal only with sensors and fans....

my testprogram is based on the debug demo.

Writing String to serial port delivers

if (DirectWrite = true) then after 1 sec Timeout -> Error writing to: Port 2
if (DirectWrite = false) then (after for example transmit 1000x): Transmit Buffer full Error.

splited the original code for better debug...

wfresult := WriteFile(Handle, Buf, Count, LongWord(Result),@Overlapped); 
lerror :=  GetLastError;

wfresult is false
lerror is 997 (ERROR_IO_PENDING, no error condition)
=> this is no error

further down, THIS throws the timeout error:

if FEvent.WaitFor(Buffers.WriteTimeout) <> VaObjects.wrSignaled then
        Result := 0

as the wrSignaled never comes.


  • What can I do to further track down the issue?
  • Could this be an access right problem?
    (User is Administrator, but not The_Administrator; UEFI Boot with Secure Boot Enabled)
    With this software there is no change in behaviour if run_as_Administrator or not
    (With RealTerm there is)

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