connection to PDA trougth CETools


i need a component that can get and access to PDA (winCE or win mobile) device when connected by USB or cradled ... without using active sync or device connections of Win7 ...
I must to access to a specific folder too...

CETools components have this behaviours ? can i use it ?

Thank U


CETools internally uses the Active Sync API, so for TMS CETools there is still a requirement to have the Active Sync API available on Windows.

but it's a DLL ? can i have more specifications ? 

For Windows 7, see:

How is the best way to check (with CETools) if a device is connected or disconnected ? using a timer (i think) but how ?

A regular check using a timer with the TCEDeviceInfo.Connected: boolean check.

ok but if i disconnect device TCEDeviceInfo.Connected is always true !. I must do TCEDeviceInfo.Open and close too ? but consume of memory and CPU are too high.. i think !

TCEDeviceInfo.Connected relates to the fact that a device is connected over USB. The Connect/Disconnect calls refer to opening a software connection to the device. If you do a software disconnect but the device remains plugged in via USB, it will keep reporting Connected as true.